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Chitram TV APK is an excellent software that enables you to access all of the top and well-known channels from the subcontinent, including those from Pakistan and India.
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Chitram TV
August 30, 2022
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Nowadays, when people are bored, they enjoy watching a variety of television channels, including dramas, movies, and news. The Chitram TV APK is best app for find viewing television to be enjoyable and entertaining. Every country has a variety of channels that cater to its citizens’ entertainment needs. The networks from people’s own countries are popular.

Furthermore, when a person moves away from their nation of origin to another, they undoubtedly miss it, including the people, cities, towns, food, and way of life. The most crucial thing you would miss is watching television, particularly the local broadcasts from your native nation that feature original entertainment. We have an amazing app called Chitram TV APK that provides you access to all of your favorite TV stations from Pakistan, India, and other countries, so you don’t have to worry about watching TV channels if you relocated to another country.

About Chitram TV APK

Chitram TV APK is an excellent software that enables you to access all of the top and well-known channels from the subcontinent, including those from Pakistan and India. Streaming 100 Indian and Pakistani Full HD TV channels from around the world is possible with the Chitram Star IPTV set-top box, a compact universal receiver. This picture box enables remote viewing of live TV stations on your mobile device. A computer, smart TV, or home television can all be used to watch it.

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Additionally, you can view a number of television networks in your own house in languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Pakistani, and Punjabi. Popular channels from India and Pakistan are accessible through Chitram TV APK, including NDTV, Star Sports, India Today, Star Family Channel, and AB Movies.

There are several amazing features in this software. Additionally, you can access your preferred videos on demand. The ability to limit access to channels that are improper for your children is yet another excellent feature of this program. Online radio is also available on the app. You can listen to all of your favorite radio stations from Pakistan and India on this channel.

Features of Chitram TV APK

Watch Indian Tv channels:

Chitram Tv APK lets you watch Indian television channels whenever and wherever you want. There are all of the major Indian channels available here. Furthermore, for movies and television shows, HD content in a variety of resolutions is available on demand.

Online video viewing:

The app is also available. Here is a constantly updated and free collection of genre-specific movies and television shows. Now is the time to watch your favorite videos.

Several resolution options available:

Your preferences, as well as your internet speed, will determine the best solution for you. Premium, normal, low, and mobile resolutions are all supported by all channels.

Online radio

You can listen to a variety of radio stations using this streaming app. You can listen to high-quality audio radio stations from all over the world by country or genre.


You may now download Chitram TV APK from our website and share it with your friends and family if you want to take advantage of and enjoy this fantastic program. I hope the preceding review has clarified all of your questions regarding Chitram TV APK.

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