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College Brawl Mod APK is a great game where you are at your college campus and a group of bullies has stolen the goods of your best friend.
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January 30, 2023
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College Brawl Mod APK is a violent and enjoyable college game in which you must locate your friend’s stolen property by completing various levels. This game is based on the Red Kat Gang, which attacks your friends. This game is difficult because you must solve several problems, including fighting and employing devious strategies to overwhelm your opponent. To defeat them, you must carefully consider every decision you make during combat.

About College Brawl Mod APK

College Brawl Mod APK is a fantastic game in which you are on your college campus and a gang of bullies has stolen your best friend’s belongings. This game is made up of various characters each play a different role.

The two main characters in this game are mentioned below


Ken is a student of Brawl College where he has many close friends. One day Red Kat Gang attacks on his friends and stole all their personal belongings and money. And it is your character, now you have to defeat them and it is your responsibility to getting them back and help your friends.

As this character is quite challenging so it will be for male players. The adventure has five stages and five powerful bosses. It also include six photos and twenty-six different sex animations from which you can get HP points or recover KI.


Anko is younger sister of Ken, an impressive fighter. Your classmates have been attacked by Red Kat during your absence, and Anko has been overloaded. You must intervene to save her and beat the gang. She has a furious personality as well as impressive fighting abilities that can be helpful during battles.

Moreover, her story has three phases and four bosses. In extra mode there are ten different sex animations and five images. If Anko is hit three times in a row, she will be rendered unconscious and the enemy will be able to engage in sexual activity with her. When she was sleeping, repeatedly pressing Left or Right could bring her back from the knockout stage.

Collect food items:

This character is less challenging. As you go through and beat the gang, they will drop food stuffs including chicken, apples and seafoods which boosts your energy level and HP. Allowing you to continue fighting for longer. Although apples provide you 2 HP and KI power, seafood contributes only 1 HP.

In addition to food, beaten baddies may drop coins and special items like weapons. These can be used to strengthen and upgrade your character. This way, you can control the college brawl and emerge as the ultimate winner.

Features of College Brawl Mod APK

There are some amazing features are here.

  • 3D graphic

The 3D visuals give customers a lifelike gaming experience. Without 3D, no game can be enjoyable to play, and this app will you all you want from a gaming experience.

  • easy controls

This game is simple and easy to control. It is so simple that anyone can play it without any difficulty. Nothing that could cause a problem for the users, as everything is extremely straightforward.

  • Real-world characters

Ken, Anko, and numerous others. These characters appear genuine and provide an air of authenticity.

  • Customization

Additionally, the game allows you to change a number of parameters at your discretion. The characters and venues are both easily customizable. Show off your sense of style and fashion by downloading the game. We think you’d want to use the various customizing choices available.

  • Several arenas

Players can choose from multiple game arenas to play in. They will have numerous arena choices.


I’m hoping you are fully aware about Collage Brawl Mod APK. Download this excellent game right away to enjoy its amazing features if you’re feeling bored. The user interface for this game is pretty simple. Download this amazing game right now from this website and enjoy it. Never forget to share it with your loved ones.

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