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Dekaron G APK is a stunning android role-playing game in which you must choose a suitable character before embarking on the exciting journey in Dekaron G. This is the most thrilling and exciting game to play.
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ThumbAge Co Ltd
October 20, 2022
Android 5.0+
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As the world progresses, and technology advances at a rapid pace. Every day, new games and entertaining apps are made available to users. There are various types of games, one of which is role-playing games. Do you want to play a role-playing game? Then you’re on the right track. Today we bring you an amazing android game called Dekaron G APK. Dekaron G APK is an MMORPG that transports players to a fantastic setting through combat with Karon. Every game assigns you a task to complete various missions. So, in order to become a Dekaron, your task in this game is to increase the main character’s strength so that he can complete his mission. Its purpose is to destroy Karon and keep everyone safe to keep the peace for all mankind.

About Dekaron G APK

Dekaron G APK is a stunning android role-playing game in which you must choose a suitable character before embarking on the exciting journey in Dekaron G. This is the most thrilling and exciting game to play. This game provides players with four different character classes to choose from, each with varying strengths and appearances. Each character will have a distinct attack range as well as the ability to use various weapons such as a sword, bow, whip, and staff to aid you throughout the game, so choose wisely.

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Basically, this role playing app is newly launched on the mobile game market, published by ThumbAge Co Ltd. It is most well known company for producing a lot of attractive mobile games. Its most recent version is 1.1.79, which is completely free and simple to use. This is suitable for Android 6.0 as well as higher versions and it will use less than 1GB of your device’s storage. children are not advised to play it because it may be too sensitive for them.

In addition, Dekaron G essentially provides players with a massive outdoor world to explore. In the meantime time, you will meet many other players from all over the world. As a result, you can engage in trading or exchanging items with other players. Because this game is played on an open-world terrain, players can explore and discover various locations. As the player explores new areas, they can gain experience, unlock new skills and items that will enhance their gaming experience.

Features of Dekaron G APK

3D Graphics:

This role paying game draws people in due to its very detailed drawings and illustrations of characters. This game’s visual system is impressive. It also has amazing sound effects that are realistic. The game is three dimensional. This game’s overall overall look is stunning.

Interesting story:

Dekaron G is based on an exciting fantasy story in which players begin their adventure in the Otherworld with the legend of two moons, Ricketts, the prosperity moon, and Miseria, the insecurity moon. You must exercise caution during the development of the moon Miseria because it can result in a confused state. When the Miseria moon formed, it swallowed the Ricketts moon, bringing darkness to the world. This situation is becoming more critical than ever for you. So, in order to save Dekaron’s world, you must transform into a hero Dekaron and assume the task of saving the world.

Exciting PvP and PvE Activities:

Players can participate in a variety of interactive activities by joining the game. These are PvE or PvP activities with intense battles against various opponents. This is the ideal time for players who enjoy fighting each other in brutal battles. Because the prize is only for the winner, you must do everything you can to help the main character grow stronger and stronger. Dekaron G has no restrictions; you can play the game anyway you want.

Easy to play:

This game is simple to play. It doesn’t have any complicated controls because most of the options are on the screen and you simply tap on them to perform various actions. You’ll get use to it once you start playing. It has a simple interface that is easy to use.

Upgrades and items:

Dekaron G APK is well-known for its ability to improve and develop characters. There are numerous items and upgrades. That you can enjoy buying and empowering for your character in order to become the best player. You can also have fun purchasing new weapons.

Free to download:

Dekaron G APK is available for free. You can enjoy it without having to pay anything.

Ads free.

Stream free.

No subscription or registration required.


I hope the above review has answered all of your questions. If you enjoy MMORPG games, this application is for you. Download it from this website right now and enjoy it. Remember to share with your friends.

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