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Error 143 APK Android is an Indie simulator game by developer Jenny Vi Pham. She authored the game's story and content with the assistance of numerous pals who assisted with the art and graphics.
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Jenny Vi Pham
December 27, 2022
Android 5.0+

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Anime games are a lot of fun to play since they feature a lot of different components and don’t rely on a single activity. These types of games have a lot to offer, which is why they are popular among people of all ages. A quick search yields hundreds of identical games, but only a few are actually entertaining to play. Today we bring you a fantastic program called Error 143 APK, which is a fun game.

About Error 143 APK

Jenny V Pham created Error 143 Apk, an Indie simulator game. She authored the game’s story and content with the assistance of numerous pals who assisted with the art and graphics. This comic novel has heavy cyberpunk elements and immerses you in a love-warrior connection with another hacker named Micah Yujin. These two hackers start out fighting and end up dating.

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In Addition, the Error 143 App allows you to select your pronouns, which opens up the prospect of a beautiful and one-of-a-kind experience. In this cyberpunk comic book, you have a romantic relationship with Mika. When you discuss about life and work on a virtual chat platform like Discord, it grows deeper and can mean a lot. These two hackers start with conflicts and end up in partnerships, specifically a depth love relationship.

Furthermore, Error 143 Apk allows for a more romantic experience. As a result, it is primarily intended for mature adults, and children under the age of eighteen should avoid using it. The characters in the game are sexy and so well-designed that they appear to be real people. The character design is particularly impressive, with a black teenager with golden eyes and prominent canine teeth, as well as a distinct face, lips, hair, and other features.

Features of Error 143 APK

  • Error 143 APK is the first game to provide 10+ languages.
  • Provide the best design and graphics that you can play easily.
  • Add your favorite character or hero in the game.
  • Provide you free $5 million cash.
  • The lips, hair, and as a whole graphic elements are phenomenal.
  • Because the app contains adult themes and language, it should be kept away from children.
  • The safety of this application is its top priority.


So, this is all about Error 143 APK for Android and we hope you are able to download and install this game on your Android devices. If you enjoy visual novels, especially those with a more mature tone, you won’t be disappointed with Error 143 App. It’s easy to have a simple or great experience. So, Download this fantastic app right now and enjoy it.

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