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Tentacle Locker APK is a game of romance in which you has bring girls to their school and lock them and force them to wear skirts against their will and provoke them to have a relationship with you. Can hypnotize girls and trap them in their water.
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July 07, 2022
Android 5.0+
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Tentacle Locker APK is a romance game in which you take girls to their school and lock them up, forcing them to wear skirts against their will in order to entice them into a relationship with you. Girls can be hypnotized and submerged in water. Its gameplay is easy to understand. It must entice you by bringing in females. You can look inside a girl when you catch her to see what’s going on.

About Tentacle Locker APK

There are various ways to play it, but the girls didn’t seem to understand it very well. It appeared fascinating. That will be made feasible by upcoming updates, enabling girls (and any potential romantic prospects) who want to take a strong stance against taxers to do so. The magnificent “they” will instead smile when you capture them.

And when a girl emerges from her locker, do others who are interested in her receive the Tanka Heart Icon? I’m not a game designer, so of course I can play around with the idea whatever you like, but a tiny addition like this will make the game more enjoyable and interesting for me. I sincerely appreciate it.

Feature Of Tentacle Locker APK

  • Easy to use and download. 
  • Easy to play. 
  • No ads are available. 
  • This application is not harmful for you. 
  • This application is absolutely free. 
  • It is 100 percent safe. 
  • This application runs faster than other application. 
  • You will be satisfied with this application. 
  • And more features are available in this application. 


Tentacle Locker APK is the top software in the adult category. Through a locker, you can easily have fun with a girl. It is a safe Android app. This APK has already undergone rigorous testing. Spread the word about this app to your family and friends by downloading it and using it.

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